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Xinhua Silk Road: NE. China's Shenyang strives to build rowing capital
Xinhua Silk Road: NE. China's Shenyang strives to build rowing capital
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BEIJING, Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province and once China's industrial backbone, has taken on a new look as it strives to build itself into a rowing capital by relying on the Hunhe River which is known as the most beautiful still water track for rowing in China.


The city has achieved the goal of creating the most beautiful track, the greatest event and the best environment for rowing in recent years.

The rowing event in Shenyang has shown a sound development momentum, as the competition system has been nurtured at a faster speed, the participants have been expanded year by year, the brand effect has been initially demonstrated, and the industrial driving capability of the sports event has been enhanced.

In the most recent Olympic events, rowing athletes who have participated in training in the Hunhe River in Shenyang have stood out, winning medals and even gold medals.

At present, rowing has become a model of the integrated development of sports and education in Shenyang, and has been included in the school-based curriculum by many schools, contributing to the healthy growth of young people.

Shenyang also actively promotes the integrated development of the sports industry and the cultural tourism industry, so as to enrich the life of citizens.

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