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COVID-19, Hand sanitizer is easy to use, easy to make
COVID-19, Hand sanitizer is easy to use, easy to make
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Rule number one in these trying times is to always remember to wash your hands. No matter how many masks you buy, the best defense against infectious disease is washing your hands as frequently as possible. Hand sanitizer is also helpful and is available in convenience stores and pharmacies. If you struggle to find hand sanitizer anywhere, it's easy to make on your own. 

  △ Apply sanitizer to the hand like so.

To make a hand sanitizer, you'll need distilled water, ethanol and glycerine, which are easily purchased at a drug store. An optional part of the sanitizer is aroma oil. You should also purchase an empty spray bottle from a household goods store.


To make hand sanitizer, put together a mix of the three ingredients in a bowl that is seven parts ethanol, two parts water and one part glycerine. If you are using aroma oil, just 10 drops for every 100 milliliters of ethanol will do. 


Ethanol may cause pain in your eyes and head, so make sure to open a window for ventilation before you get started. For additional in-formation, as well as other methods to make your own hand sanitizer, websites like YouTube are very helpful. Despite what rumors say, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are in fact effective in removing COVID-19 from your hands. 

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