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Annyeong KOREA PART.2
Annyeong KOREA PART.2
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[Annyeong KOREA]
[See What I See]’s energizer MC Sun Kim, Lucky from India, Peter from the UK, Lex from Canada, Anna from Germany, and popular Korean YouTuber Korean Unnie gather for a finale of the program where they award the members who contributed to introducing the various content of Korea.

Among the three nominees including Korean Unnie who introduced the beautiful scenery of the pink Muhly park, Anna who introduced the fantastic night view of the Korean Folk Village, and the Graham couple who introduced the unique charms of Seoul’s different alleys, who is the awardee?

There is an unrivaled member when it comes to appetite, who introduced the various tastes and charms of Korea in every episode he appeared… Who is the true ‘mukbang King’ among the six members?

From Lucky the sportsman who engaged in various activities such as cart racing, badminton, and even paragliding to Anna who introduced roller-skating and Han river Tubester ride in her romantic date, and even Peter who chopped some wood to make fire with his kids ‘Gio’ and ‘Ellie’, who will be the awardee?

Who will be the honorable award winner among the three nominees including Anna who participated in the gimjang or kimchi-making festival, Korean Unnie who experienced virtual reality of Korean known as a tech power, and Peter who introduced the various aspects of ondol in a traditional Korean house?

The six members of [See What I See] crisscrossed the country from Seoul to Gyeonggi, Incheon, and even Chungcheong and Gangwon province. But there’s one member who traveled the longest distance within a day and had the toughest journey. Who is this member?