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Maskdance Festival [경북 안동, 탈춤 축제]
Maskdance Festival [경북 안동, 탈춤 축제]
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Honorable representative festival of Korea “Andong Mask dance festival”
Here are various mask dances from all over the world. You can't talk about festival, if you miss the mask dance festival!

Since the 1970s Andong has developed rapidly and in the late 1990s and early 2000s it became a tourism and cultural center. It is renowned for its traditional culture and folk traditions and the surrounding area maintains a wealth of tangible and intangible cultural treasures and ancient traditions. The festival, has been selected by the South Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism as the country’s best festival for the past 6 years, for three years it has been selected as Korea’s Representative Festival and this year it has been selected as the Korea’s Honorable Representative Festival . It continues to receive national government support via the Ministry, which has been enacting successful policies to stimulate cultural businesses via culture, tourism and technology.The Festival, which attracts approximately one million spectators each year, showcases traditional Korean culture at its best. As well as promoting Korean culture to the international community, the 10-days Maskdance Festival is a good opportunity for Koreans, as well as foreign visitors, to experience and view both Western and Oriental culture. Around 300 programs including Korean and international Maskdances and Folk games will be available to the many visitors.


  • Period : From every last friday of September to next Sunday for 10days
  • Auspice・Host:Andong-si・AFTF
  • Detail:Domestic and international traditional mask dance, Andong folk festival, Pupet show and other subsidiary events
  • Homepage:, Eng, Jpn, Chin, Fran, Deutsch)
  • Contact : Andong festival and tourism foundation 82-54-856-3013、Sports and tourism Div, Andong city hall 82-54-841-6397

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