SAT, JULY 04, 2020
promiSINGER - Ep.20 - HINAPIA(희나피아)! Are you ready to join the HINAPIA fandom?
promiSINGER - Ep.20 - HINAPIA(희나피아)! Are you ready to join the HINAPIA fandom?
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Time to rock out and get up close & personal with K-Pop groups!
We are back with Season 2 of promiSINGER, and it's better than ever!
Join us every week with your favorite K-Pop artists.

Alright! Are you ready to join the HINAPIA fandom?

Check it out. Their name says it all! HINAPIA is an abbreviation of 'HI New Amazing Utopia'! The girl group's made up of former PRISTIN members, Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Yaebin and Eunwoo; plus, newcomer Bada! The 5-member group debuted in November 2019 with the single “New Start” and the super catchy track “DRIP.”
“DRIP” actually charted on the U.S. iTunes K-Pop Chart on November 13, and ranked 18th on the World Digital Song Sales Chart! They are definitely super rookies in every sense of the word.

The girls went through a lot before debuting as HINAPIA. We'll get to hear about their heartache and how they overcame individual hardships; and we'll also hear from Bada, the 'new girl' who joined a squad of girls who had experience working and training together. Just a heads up: they embraced each other like family and that's where the group's at now!

Behind-the-scenes stories of their “DRIP” M/V shoot, and one-on-one interviews with their M/V director, the head of their agency, choreographer and more. We'll join the girls as they show off their individual talents, and as they get through filmings at “Simply K-Pop” and “After School Club.”

Exclusive insight into the world of HINAPIA, only on “promiSINGER."