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A place to enjoy dark nights(야간 관광) "Right here"
A place to enjoy dark nights(야간 관광) "Right here"
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A place to enjoy dark nights "Right here"

- The Korea Tourism Organization announces "100 Night Tours" -

- "After calming down Corona 19, it is promoted as a new focus project." -

Donggung and Wolji
Donggung and Wolji


Korea Tourism Organization (President Ahn Young-bae) announced "100 Night Tours" by gathering promising night tourism resources and programs around the country.

Night tourism is a new key project that the corporation is pushing for this year to revive the sluggish tourism industry, and the corporation has started work on selecting "100 Night Tours" since mid-February, collected about 370 databases through local governments and experts' recommendations across the country and SK Telecom T-Map's night-time destination Big Data (2.81 million cases). Based on this, the committee was held to select experts and selected the final 100 based on comprehensive judgment on the attractiveness of night tours, accessibility, security and safety, and regional contributions.

Seoul Metropolitan Government (Doksu Palace Stonewall Walkway, Banpo Han River Park, etc.) Busan Metropolitan City (Moontan Road, Songdo Sea Cable Car, etc.) ▲Daegu Metropolitan City (Kim Kwang-seok Redrawing Road, Suseong pond, etc.) ▲ Incheon Metropolitan City (Ganghwa Cultural Heritage Night, Songdo Central Park), Wolseobong National Culture Center (Wolseobong, etc.). It was distributed evenly among regions such as Jeonla North (Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Tour), Gyeongsang South Gyeongsang Province (Tongyeong Night Sea Night Tour, I am also a bridge of the Kwai River), Gyeongsangbuk Province (Donggung, Wolji, Wolyeong Night Trip), and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (Light Art Festa, Saeyeon Bridge, etc.).

Wolyeonggyo Bridge
Wolyeonggyo Bridge


The corporation plans to push for night tours as a way to revive the sluggish tourism industry and boost the economy with Corona 19. In particular, Korea has better security than other competitors, and it is expected that finding and fostering attractive night tourism contents in the region will have a job creation effect along with tourism consumption due to the expansion of the number of days of stay for tourists. In the future, the corporation plans to actively carry out marketing activities using 100 nighttime tours to suit the tastes of domestic and foreign tourists throughout the company in the face of calming down Corona 19. Ha Sang-seok, head of the Japanese team at the corporation, said, "Through this opportunity, we will make the contents of night tours that have been lacking in public relations or hidden so far to the outside world and induce local accommodation by securing tourists during night hours and increasing stay time."


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