SAT, JULY 04, 2020
Rolling In K-PoP ( TranSongLation challenge)
Rolling In K-PoP ( TranSongLation challenge)
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Who is the lucky artist of this week’s TranSongLation challenge? KARD, a group that has been sweeping overseas K-pop craze is singing ‘Red Moon’ in Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese! They can rap, dance and definitely know how to have fun!!

Romantic love confession definitely deserves romantic answer! It’s a real head scratcher for KARD members, but watch 4 members’ quirky but sincere attempt on answering their fans in spanish in this week’s Call Me By Your Language!

Imagine powerful performance of ‘Red Moon’ combined with cute props! Aren’t you curious how Jiwoo and Somin, our first girl members
show off their fashion skills?
KARD’s Prop Room Dance, don’t miss out!
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