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Annual Dialogue between Museums of East Asian Countries takes place in Changsha
Annual Dialogue between Museums of East Asian Countries takes place in Changsha
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CHANGSHA, China, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Annual Dialogue between Museums of East Asian Countries was recently held at the Changsha Museum in Hunan Province, China. Museum directors and youth representatives from China, Japan, the ROK and ASEAN countries had a dialogue on the topic "Mutual Learning and Inheritance of East Asian Civilization".

Annual Dialogue between Museums of East Asian Countries takes place in Changsha

"The 10+3 countries jointly created splendid East Asian civilization, and their rich cultural heritages and museum collections are an important window for the world to learn about East Asian civilization", said Huang Wei, Director General of Coordination and Management Department of China International Communications Group.

"Museums play a vital role in protecting our collective memory and preserving the treasures of our past for the enrichment of present and future generations", said Lee Hee-sup, Secretary-General of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat, "it is a good channel for the youth to learn about their own country as well as their neighbors, laying the foundation for peaceful development and cooperation in the future."

According to Shi Zhongjun, Secretary-General of the ASEAN-China Centre in his video speech, diversity spurs interaction among civilizations, which in turn promotes mutual learning and their further development. Shi believed the dialogue would strengthen the bonds between the people from the 10+3 countries and offer nourishment to promote the common development of Asia.

During the dialogue, Director of the Lao National Museum and relevant experts from the Palace Museum, Dunhuang Academy and Changsha Museum exchanged views on strengthening experience sharing and international cooperation between museums of East Asian countries as well as empowering new technology on cultural heritage protection. The dialogue also witnessed heated discussion among youth from China, Thailand, Indonesia and the ROK on their responsibilities on bridging different cultures and furthering engagement in common culture inheritance. 

The event, organized by China International Communications Group, is an endeavor to implement the consensus reached by the ASEAN Plus Three leaders on promoting youth exchange as well as mutual learning between East Asian civilizations. On the sideline of the dialogue, youth delegates also visited Hunan Museum and Changsha Museum to learn about the history and culture of the city, which was designated as "Culture City of East Asia" in 2017 by the culture ministers of China, Japan, and the ROK.


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