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" Breath of Baekje, Millennium Love "[익산 서동 축제]
" Breath of Baekje, Millennium Love "[익산 서동 축제]
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Iksan Seodong Festival is a representative festival of Iksan which originated from Mahan Folk Festival that started in 1969 and continues to this day. 세계를 품은 백제왕도 익산!The King of Baekje who embraced the world also Iksan!

We invite you to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Iksan, which has a global love that transcends the borders of Seodong and Sunhwa

Millennium Love, Dream of Baekje

서동과 선화의 국경을 초월한 세계적인 사랑이 있는 유네스코세계문화유산 백제역사유적지구익산으로 떠나는 여행에 여러분을 초대합니다.Iksan acquired the love of Princess Sunhwa through Seodong-yo, which is located at the altitude of 1,000 years when Seodong-do and Seodong-yo lived, and eventually became the 30th King of Baekje, and achieved the unification of the three kingdoms.

웅지를 펼치려했던 서동의 탄생지입니다.This is the birthplace of Seodong, where he tried to launch his grand adventure. 또한, 마한의 도읍지이자 백제 말기의 수도 혹은 별도로 알려져 있습니다.It is also known as the capital of Mahan and the capital of the late period of Baekje, or separately.

익산서동축제는 1969년 마한민속제전으로 시작했으며, 국경(백제,신라)을 초월한 서동과 선화공주의 세계적인 사랑과 서동요의The Iksan Seodong Festival started in 1969 as a Mahan Folk Festival. It is the world's love between Seodong and Sunhwa Princess, who transcends the national boundaries (Baekje, Silla).

It has been held as a festival in Seodong since 2004 to let people know that it is home

본고장임을 알리기 위해 2004년부터 서동축제로 진행되어 오고 있습니다

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