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Gong Ju Temple Stay [공주, 템플스테이]
Gong Ju Temple Stay [공주, 템플스테이]
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Temple stay provides a chance for people to heal their minds, bodies and souls with the grace of the Buddha and engage in self-reflection. Many Buddhist temples open their doors to people of all ages so that they can learn about traditional culture and become one with nature.

Visitors can learn about the lives of Buddhist monks through the experience programs such as barugongyang (baru-meal with four pieces of traditional wooden bowl) and tea ceremonies. These programs help the participants get rid of anguish and other negative emotions within themselves. Also, they engage in self-examination and Zen meditation as a way to understand themselves and for a spiritually enriching experience. They can also let go of the obsessions of the secular world, while taking a leisurely walk along the forest trails, and appreciate the beauty of tranquility, while enjoying a cup of tea.

Temples Offering Temple Stay Programs

Gapsa Temple
Gapsa Temple


       Location : 567-3, Gapsa-ro, Gyeryong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do

       Phone : 041-857-8921

At Gapsa Temple, you can take a leisurely walk along the Ori Forest Trail, which begins from the ticketing office, and the beautiful and serene Gyegok-gil (Valley Trail), which connects the Iron Flagpole site and the Park Management Office. The scenery is absolutely stunning all year-round, but it is especially beautiful and serene in the fall season, which one can tell by the nickname of the temple, Chugapsa (Fall Gapsa).


Magoksa Temple
Magoksa Temple

       Location : 966, Magoksa-ro, Sagok-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do (567 Unam-ri)

       Phone : 041-841-6226

At Magoksa Temple, you can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the forest trails, while engaging in meditation. You can also experience the typical day of the Buddhist monks such as providing a helping hand on the farm. The temple stay program consists of the early morning prayer chant, Zen meditation, barugongyang and tea ceremony, which provide a glimpse into the daily lives of the monks. Providing a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of life, the temple stay program will allow you to reflect on your life and meditate in a serene natural environment surrounded by pine trees.

Korean Culture Training Institute
Korean Culture Training Institute

       Location : 1065, Magoksa-ro, Sagok-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do (604 Unam-ri)

       Phone : 041-841-5050

The temple stay cultural experience program of the Korean Culture Training Institute is conducted with the aim of helping people gain mental, physical and spiritual healing in a beautiful natural environment to lead healthier lives. The spiritual cultivation experience program consisting of Zen meditation and 108 prostrations helps participants gain a peaceful mind, and receive energy from nature as a way to overcome various stresses and diseases that are prevalent in modern society.


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