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Deajeon in 48 hours [대전, 1박 2일 여행]
Deajeon in 48 hours [대전, 1박 2일 여행]
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Welcome to Daejeon, South Korea, a place an expat can call home for 10 or more years and still feel like there’s a lot to see and to do! We’ve got mountains, parks, a river, a lake, a national cemetery, a super old but tasty bakery and other cool things you should check out next time you visit our lovely city. So pack your bags, grab your camera and let’s go:

Day 1

To get to Gyeryeong National Park, you can take public bus #107 and ride to the end of the line – Donghaksa Temple. 

Gyeryoeng National Park

(click on the link above to see additional information, restaurants, and accommodations nearby)

With four different hiking courses, this relatively short mountain (by Western standards) – only 845m – is pretty busy all year round with people admiring its beauty and foliage, hiking, picnicking or visiting the famous temple – Donghaksa. With 20 peaks and 15 valleys, this mountain is sure to give you a nice getaway from the city, while still very accessible by the public bus system.

Location : Chungcheongnam-do, Gongju-si, Banpo-myeon, Donghaksa 1-ro, 계룡산국립공원

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