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Daejeon in 48 hours [대전,1박 2일 여행]
Daejeon in 48 hours [대전,1박 2일 여행]
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Daejeon Museum of Art

Located just south of the park, this museum always features an exhibition or two and is a great way to immerse yourself in some culture, kill some time on a rainy day, as you slowly make your way towards Mannyeon neighborhood for lunch.

Lunchtime: Mannyeon dong area (opposite of the Government Complex Buildings and the Airport Bus Station)

Walk south towards Government Daejeon Complex Subway Station.

Take the subway from Government Daejeon Complex (closest to Mannyeondong) to Jungan-ro (7 stops and approximately 15 minutes)

Area name: Old Downtown (Jungang-ro area)

Underground shopping mall

This spider-like underground mecca is perfect to stretch your legs and your wallet, as you fight that after-lunch-nap-monster. Accessories, clothing, shoes, cell phones, some snack restaurants and more can be purchased here, bring cash and you might just get a discount!

Daejeon Jungang Market 

Above the underground shopping mall at Jungang-ro, go upstairs to find a very traditional and interesting market. Located on both sides of the busy street, feel free to walk around. Alongside well-known fruit and vegetables, don’t be surprised to discover some unknown sea creatures lurking in the tubs or other unexpected delicacies (bondegi (larvae)), fried squid, dog meat, rambutan, burdock root, lotus root and others).

Location : 81-3 Jung-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon

Skyroad street

Come to this attraction towards the evening time, since that is when the screens of the Skyroad light up. You can see a lot of interesting things on this giant screen, with sports matches projected during certain days, your picture/live feed during others and mostly cartoon characters, information, advertisements, and other visually appealing items. There are lots more shops located in this area of the city, making this a great date, family, shopping, sightseeing neighborhood.

This busy area of town is also full of various restaurants (for dinner time), art galleries and coffee shops. While I’m not the one to report on the nightlife in Old Downtown, maybe this post from Frommer’s will do the trick.

Or get more familiar with this city through some of my favorite posts.

Location : Jungang-ro 164beon-gil, Eunhaengseonhwa-dong,Jung-gu, Daejeon

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