THU, OCTOBER 01, 2020
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Drive-thru becoming the optimal way to shop!

While COVID-19 has forced people to keep their social distances, 'drive-throughs (drive-thru)' which means to shop in your car, minimizes human contact and so receives wide-spread attention. Shopping for fastfood, coffee, dessert, lunch boxes, agriculture and fisheries, etc., as well as renting out books and enjoying the cherry blossoms! All via drive-thru! With the expanding range of services, also comes an increasing demand. In this episode, we explore the wide range of drive-thru services that are safe, convenient, and quick. Watch us (almost) never leave our car!

Untact Museums: how COVID-19 changed the art scene

The so-called 'untact museums' rise as the new way of viewing exhibitions in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. These museums operate based on prior reservations with fewer or no face-to-face contact with other audiences. Since they limit the number of audiences for each viewing, it is a safe way to keep your social distances while freely indulging in your cultural life. We let our guard down to meet the arts field that seeks to introduce unique and unsual ways of experiencing exhibitions.


Shedding the 'idol image' and emerging as artists! 'Super M'

SM Entertainment's project group, Super M! They have recently received fervent responses from global music fans as the only Korean singers that took part in the online concert 'Together at Home,' which boasted the participation of 110 most globally famous artists. We meet the seven members of Super M, who are reaching out to their fans in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, through a new performance mechanism called the 'online concert.'