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Coupang is considered as Amazon in South Korea is investing to Daejeon City
Coupang is considered as Amazon in South Korea is investing to Daejeon City
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Coupang the advanced logistics center, Korea's leading e-commerce company, is entering Daejeon

Coupang, e-commerce company was founded in 2010. The largest online retailer in South Korea, Coupang's annual revenue exceeds US$4 billion. The company's Rocket Delivery network provides same-day or next-day delivery of more than five million unique items.

Coupang is planning to invest to Daejeon city from next year is forecast to hit $135 billion and create more than 300 jobs

On July 7th, Heo Tae Jeong mayor of Daejeon had signed the investment and business agreement with Coupang CEO Park Dae Jun and Director Operation finance Kang Hyu Oh at the City Hall. Following the agreement, Coupang will invest 60 billion won for 2 years until 2021 in NamDajeon General Logistic Complex to build 30.319 m2 logistics center and hire more 300 labors to operate. 

In the future, when Coupang Logistic center is in operation, it will serve as a hub for distribution in the central region, not only as a driving force for the growth of related companies, but also as a great help in creating jobs for young people. In addition, it can be an industrial tourism resource.

Mayir Heo Tae-Jeong of Daejeon said, "I expect this agreetment to give the local economy a new boost in the difficult economic situation where the regional economy is stagnating due to prolonged corona".