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Have you ever experienced picking bracken or growing an organic farm in Buyeo-gun (부여군)?
Have you ever experienced picking bracken or growing an organic farm in Buyeo-gun (부여군)?
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Korea Women Consumers Association (한국여성소비자연합) participated in in Buyeo (부여군) Organic Fam Tour

On the 18th, the Buyeo-gun conducted an organic fam tour for 34 members of the Korea Women Consumers Association (Chairman Kim Cheon-ju).

In October 2022, the association signed a business agreement with Buyeo-gun to actively support direct trading of excellent agricultural and specialty products from Buyeo-gun and discuss ways to achieve win-win development through this exchange. 

In the morning, the members toured the Bronze Age are in Songguk-ri, and had the experience of picking bracken in a huge hill. They also visited the Eco-Friendly Magpie Village, which is a rural experience resort village, to learn about the origin of native seeds and taste food made using them.

Afterwards, they visited Sanyaran Farm, an animal welfare farm. At there, raw eggs were produced by chickens raised in natural free range. Moreover, they also visited Hansallim's eco-friendly button mushroom farm to tour the site and taste fresh mushroom. 

A member who participated in the fam tour stated her expression, “This is the first time in my life that I have had the experience of picking bracken with my own hands in such a vast field,” she added, “Buyeo, which was known only as a small farming village, has seven agricultural products that are ranked first in the country in terms of production, and the joint brand Goodttrae is celebrating its 20th anniversary”.

Another member also expressed, “I felt like my mind and body were healed after coming to Buyeo and experiencing the organic farming-themed program. I am planing to visit Buyeo next time and do a proper sightseeing focusing on the 10 scenic spots.”

Kim Cheol-gyu (김철규) chairman of the Eco-Friendly Magpie Village, one of the consultative bodies of the Buyeo Good Trae Gourmet Business Group shared, “As a host of the ‘Buyeo Meet the Origin Tour’ program, which was developed to revive organic farms in danger of extinction and connect Buyeo’s excellent resources, we are bringing together Buyeo Good Trae agricultural products and organic farms.” He continued, “We organized this Fam Tour because we wanted to promote its value and provide high-quality rural tourism to city dwellers visiting Buyeo.”

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