FRI, MAY 24, 2024
Buyeo-gun (부여군): The 2024 Baekmagang Moon Night (2024년 백마강달밤야시장) is officially opens!
Buyeo-gun (부여군): The 2024 Baekmagang Moon Night (2024년 백마강달밤야시장) is officially opens!
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The 2024 Baekmagang Moon Night will begin pilot operation on the 26th and officially open on May 4th. The event will be held every Friday and Saturday evening at Buyeo Market Square until July 13th

Baekmagang Moon Night Market (hereinafter referred to as the night market), the largest night market in the Chungcheong region, first opened in 2016 and has been consistently open every year except for the COVID-19 period in 2020, and has been receiving much love from the visitors. The night market is a new tourist attraction, revitalizing the traditional market and revitalizing the local economy, making it a popular nighttime attraction in Buyeo.

This year, a rich and diverse range of food (approximately 30 food stalls) is prepared to provide night market visitors for the best experience. Additionally, An experience zone and photo zone are also prepared, where customers who visit the night market can leave memories, such as aquarium decorating, dalgona making, and block building experiences that children can enjoy the fun.

Since Arpil 15th, this market has been promoting the night market on a large scale throughout Buyeo-gun and the entire Chungcheong region through IPTV channels and various online and offline promotions, while also promoting various SNSs taking into account the tastes of the MZ generation.

An official from the Buyeo-gun Community Revitalization Foundation expressed his statement, “As there were various controversies such as price and hygiene at these kind of festivals in other regions, we ensure that the this event will strictly conduct hygiene and safety education for merchants.” He added, “We all know that all families celebrated the family month in May. We have prepared a variety of performances, food, and entertainment for you to enjoy, so please pay us a visit, and we hope that this event will bring only happy memories with you”.

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