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The 8th Cultural Talk for Diversity & Inclusion explored Women's Challenges in Diverse Societies
The 8th Cultural Talk for Diversity & Inclusion explored Women's Challenges in Diverse Societies
  • Jane Jihye Kim 
  • 승인 2024.04.29 23:11
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The 8th Cultural Talk for Diversity & Inclusion, held virtually on April 27, 2024, delved into empowering individual actions, promoting inclusive dialogues, and sharing diverse personal experiences. The event focused on addressing the challenges faced by women in balancing traditional customs and modern values across different cultural contexts. Notable speakers Patricia, Samar, and Pradnya provided valuable insights into various aspects of women's experiences and cultural dynamics.

Patricia, a Malaysian civil society worker and professional facilitator, shared her career journey and reflections, emphasizing the importance of finding meaning and purpose amidst challenges. Reflecting on her transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship, Patricia highlighted the significance of personal growth and letting go of burdens that hinder progress.

Samar, based in the UAE for 13 years, discussed the complexities of balancing tradition and modernity, particularly regarding women's rights and cultural norms. She highlighted efforts to create a more inclusive society and empower women through education, technology, and social media.

Pradnya, an Indonesian studying in Australia, shared her journey grappling with traditional expectations and navigating personal identity in a multicultural setting. Her experiences shed light on the societal implications and personal conflicts inherent in reconciling cultural and religious norms with individual autonomy.

The discussions underscored the broader theme of cultural and religious identity, emphasizing the importance of understanding personal choices and the impact of societal pressures on individual autonomy. Patricia's career journey, Samar's insights on UAE's cultural landscape, and Pradnya's challenges navigating personal identity provided diverse perspectives on the complexities women face in multicultural environments.

This forum served as a platform for meaningful dialogue and reflection, promoting greater awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion in society. 

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