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Buyeo-gun (부여군) operates a promotional center for the 2024 Bicycle Day event (2024년 자전거의 날)
Buyeo-gun (부여군) operates a promotional center for the 2024 Bicycle Day event (2024년 자전거의 날)
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Buyeo-gun Public Bicycle ‘Baekje Sing Sing’ receives great response from visitors

Buyeo-gun participated in the 2024 Bicycle Day Event Bicycle Industry Exhibition held for three days from the 4th to the 6th and completed the operation of the promotional center.

On April 22nd, the event was held at Geumgang New Building Park in Gongju to commemorate 'Bicycle Day', which was established to revitalize the use of bicycles and instill pride in users. Buyeo County presented public bicycles operated by the county for the convenience of residents and tourists.

‘Baekje Sing Sing’ has bicycle stations installed in each parking lot of the three tourist attractions in Buyeo-gun (Gungnamji Temple, Jeongnimsa Temple Site, and Busosanseong Fortress), making it easy to rent and return bicycles and move between tourist attractions. In addition, since the bicycle station and smart storage box are installed in the same place, tourists visiting Buyeo are actively using the bicycle because they can safely leave their luggage in the locker and enjoy sightseeing by bicycle without worrying.

A visitor who visited the Buyeo-gun Public Relations Center stated, “It is convenient because you can sign up as a member simply by installing the app on your mobile phone, and electric bicycle is more unique then original ones,” he added “I definitely want to experience it once I visit there”.

Meanwhile, ‘Baekje Sing Sing’ began operating in March of this year and is available from 9:00 to 18:00 every day until the end of November, and the last rental time is until 16:00

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