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The dazzling culture of Gyeongju created by hand
The dazzling culture of Gyeongju created by hand
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Luce Raggi is a visual artist whose art encompasses diverse genres, from drawing and sculpture to pottery and video art. When she visited Korea for the first time in 2016, she fell in love with Korean celadon "cheongja." She visited the ancient city of Gyeongju where the cultural legacy of the Silla Kingdom lives and breathes.

[Main Artist] Luce Raggi

Italian visual artist whose art encompasses drawing, sculpture, pottery and video artLuce, who freely expresses herself, believes that new surroundings motivate her to create art.

[Brief Plot]

- Luce meets Ven. Hyojeong on Namsan in Gyeongju, which is home to priceless Buddhist relics of the Silla Kingdom. She is impressed to see myriad lanterns shining in the night sky.

- Goryeo celadon "cheongja," Luce's favorite, can have diverse colors according to the temperature of the kiln and the wind. Luce meets a celadon master who has dedicated more than 30 years to his craft.

- In ancient times people believed that Woljeonggyo Bridge from the Unified Silla period connected them to the Buddha. Luce is impressed by the roof tiles of the bridge. She meets an artisan who specializes in the restoration of Silla traditional tiles.