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K-Water (한국수자원공사): The visit of African Prime Minister of Lesotho and cooperation in the water sector
K-Water (한국수자원공사): The visit of African Prime Minister of Lesotho and cooperation in the water sector
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K-water (CEO Yoon Seok-dae 윤석대) cooperated with Lesotho, Africa in the water field, including water resource development and operation management.

On June 3rd, a discussion between the two countries were held on ways to expand cooperation to utilize national water resources such as dams and hydropower.

A meeting was held at the Korea Water Resources Corporation's Han River Basin Headquarters in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do with the participant of Lesotho Prime Minister Ntsokoane Samuel Matekane and CEO of K-Water Yoon Seok-dae to discussed ways to cooperate in water management between the two countries. This meeting also marked the first exchange between K-Water and Lesotho.

Lesotho, located in the central-eastern region of South Africa, has an area of about 30,000 ㎢, similar to the area of South Gyeongsang and North Gyeongsang Provinces in Korea. The area has abundant water resources, including developed rivers capable of fresh water due to its higher altitude than neighboring countries.

This meeting was held to expand cooperation between the two countries, including the development and operation management of Lesotho's dams and hydroelectric power plants, and technology exchange. Korea Water Resources Corporation plans to cooperate in the future to discover specific cooperation projects such as ODA.

In particular, Prime Minister Sam Matekane also showed deep interest in the scientific water management system presented by the Dam-Waterwork Integrated Water Management Situation Room could be a solution to global water problems in the era of climate crisis.

CEO of K-Water Yoon Seok-dae stated his expression, “I hope this will be the first step for Korea and Lesotho to initiate cooperation in the water and energy fields” adding “Furthermore, we will provide water management technology to African countries suffering from water problems due to the climate crisis. This will be an opportunity to improve the quality of economic cooperation between Korea and Africa through soft power”.

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