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Songjeong Picture Book Village, Buyeo (부여 양화면 송정 그림책마을): Rural Creation Tour (농촌크리에이투어)
Songjeong Picture Book Village, Buyeo (부여 양화면 송정 그림책마을): Rural Creation Tour (농촌크리에이투어)
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Beautiful and cozy countryside scenery, perfect destination for a vacation in the countryside!

Songjeong Picture Book Village in Buyeo-gun is a cultural-themed space that regenerates a village through picture books. When using public transportation, take Rural Village Bus No. 105 from the Post Office and St. Joseph's Hospital stop near Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at Gahwa 1-ri and Yongdong stop.

The village was the first mural village in Buyeo-gun in 2010. It is a space with cultural themes expressed in picture books, and is a place that local residents and tourists can enjoy together. Through picture books, we restored the memories of the elderly, promoted communication between generations, and restored self-esteem and community. Through these activities, Songjeong Picture Book Village was certified as an innovation model for resident participation.

It was selected as the best village in the field of culture and welfare in the Chungcheongnam-do evaluation. ​Seodongyo Theme Park is an open set built on approximately 10,000m2 of land. There are Baekje Royal Palace, Royal Palace Village, Queen’s Residence, and Taehaksa Temple. At here, you can experience various programs such as rubbing, costumes, tuho, pottery, and samulnori. It is used as a filming location for various historical dramas, including the SBS drama Seodongyo.

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