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Query for a new path to regional governance (지역 거버넌스의 새로운 길을 묻다)
Query for a new path to regional governance (지역 거버넌스의 새로운 길을 묻다)
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Discussion held by Emilia Palonen (Professor at Helsinki University) and Kim Je-seon 김제선 (Jung-gu Mayor, Daejeon City)


This is an event to invite prominent figures on regional governance, which is emerging as a global trend in political administration.

Professor Emailia Palonen of the University of Helsinki, Jung-gu Mayor Je-seon Kim, as well as related experts and citizens attended the event and held an in-depth discussion where they pondered together and gathered many opinions and wisdom to create better local governance for residents.

The discussion was held in two parts. In the first part, Emilia Palonen, professor of political science at the University of Helsinki, Finland, gave a keynote speech on the topic “The path to local governance driven by residents”. Following this is Soo-chan Jang, former professor at Mokwon University, and Hyun-geun Kwak, professor of public administration at Daejeon University. Lee Tae-ho, CEO of Wingwing Co., Ltd., Kang Seon-ran, director of Jjakkung Village Children's Library, and Lee Yong-won, publisher of Tomato Monthly, participated as panelists and had a conversation with Jung-gu Office Mayor Kim Je-seon on the topic “The current status of Jung-gu Office and the search for new governance”.


Professor Emailia Palonen emphasized, “I do not want to represent myself as a middle-class educated mother, governance must collect diverse demands, embrace diversity, and create a horizontal common platform”.

Commissioner Kim Je-seon (김제선) also stated, "Today's urban problems can no longer be solved with the supplier-oriented policies and administration of the government and local governments. The residents themselves, who are the parties to the problem, must seize power and become the subject of solutions."


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