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Dalian's Light Shines on Summer Davos Forum
Dalian's Light Shines on Summer Davos Forum
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DALIAN, China, June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Dalian Donggang Business District is an integration of conference, business, leisure and cultural functions. The 2024 Dalian Summer Davos Forum kicked off, where guests at home and abroad gathered on the shores of Dalian Bay discussing about the communication and cooperation for sustainable development of the global economy.

Opening of the 2024 Dalian Summer Davos Forum

In order to host this international event, Dalian has followed the theme of 'New Frontiers for Future Growth', recommended 13 forward-looking and exploratory topics to the Forum, and for the first time opened two ancillary agendas in the form of luncheons in the forum venue. Relying on 5G-A technology, the network support capacity of the 2024 Dalian Summer Davos Forum venue has been updated, where the HD live broadcasts are possible and the downloading could be finished in a matter of seconds. It has realized the full coverage of the 3CC and intelligent computing functions of 5G-A in the country's first large-scale international conference venue, and shared the results of the construction of 'Digital China' with the participants.

We promote green transformation with focus on the energy saving and carbon reduction. NEV accounted for more than 80% among more than 600 service-guaranteed vehicles in this forum. As the third batch of pilot cities for low-carbon in China, Dalian has accelerated the green transformation of its development methods, so that guests and citizens of the Summer Davos Forum can feel the vitality of green ecology around them.

The economic and trade interactions are amplifying spillover effects. Dalian has dispatched 'Investing in Dalian 2024' and other promotional materials to show Dalian's industrial base, urban charm and development potential through industrial tourism activities during the forum, and embedded the industrial promotion and investment negotiation into industrial tourism activities. Dalian has promulgated the local regulations as the fourth in China and the first in northeast China to support foreign investment, optimizing the foreign investment environment.

The culture is the medium to deepen people-to-people exchanges. Dalian is located at 39° N, enjoying a beautiful environment and pleasant climate, attracting Chinese and foreign tourists with its abundant cultural and tourism resources of unique charm. Strolling through the power of sea erosion in the 'Sculpture Park' on the Golden Stone Beach, enjoying the karst landscape of the 'Black Shell and White Heart' on the Black Stone Reef, and experiencing the layered quartzite landscape in the PaiShi Scenic Area.

Dalian possesses a coastline of 2,211 kilometers. Here, you can wander along the most beautiful coastal road, commence a 'Dalian maritime tour' and gather seafood on the beach when the tide is ebbing. Large-scaled activities of urban themes such as Sophora Flower Festival, Cherry Festival, Beach Festival, Hot Spring & Ski Festival, etc. run throughout the year. Dalian has held the titles of 'Global Habitable City', 'China's Best Tourist City' and 'China's Demonstration City for Leisure Tourism.'

The 2024 Dalian Summer Davos Forum has created a vast space for global enterprises and institutions to develop in Dalian and provides opportunities for cooperation.

At the Summer Davos Forum, the reporter has interviewed Hideo Ueshima, chairman and general manager of the Development Bank of Japan Group. "A beautiful coastal city" was his impression of Dalian. "Dalian has a comfortable climate and a beautiful sea view. The last time I came to Dalian was more than 20 years ago. Now there have been many changes here. I was impressed by the business and leisure atmosphere of the Donggang Business District. I look forward to a deeper understanding of some innovative developments in China at the forum," said Hideo Ueshima.

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