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Buyeo-gun ‘Goodtrae Mall’ (부여군 ‘굿뜨래몰’) won the grand prize at the National Service Awards for two consecutive years
Buyeo-gun ‘Goodtrae Mall’ (부여군 ‘굿뜨래몰’) won the grand prize at the National Service Awards for two consecutive years
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On the 27th, Buyeo-gun “Goodtrae Mall” announced that it won the grand prize in the agricultural specialty product shopping mall category, in two year rounds, at the ‘7th National Service Awards’ (2024) hosted by the Korea Institute for Industrial Policy Studies for the second consecutive year.

'Goodtrae Mall' allows consumers to view and purchase the agricultural products approved by Buyeo-gun's joint brand 'Goodtrae' and other excellent Buyeo-gun agricultural products that have received national certification (GAP, HACCP, etc.). This is for enhancing the image of Buyeo-gun agricultural products and promoting 'Goodtrae' to many consumers as well as contributing greatly to improving brand awareness.

Goodtrae sells seasonal agricultural products at reasonable prices through various discount events every month. Moreover, it also plans customer participation events (review events, prize events, Buyeo tourism events, etc.) to establish itself as a shopping mall for agricultural and specialty products that consumers visit first. Moreover, to strengthen the substantial capacity of the organization that approves use and to turn Goodtrae agricultural and specialty products into premium products, we are strengthening consumer trust through annual management training, customized consulting by experts, and management performance analysis.

In addition, it boosts greater brand power with 48 awards, including the National Brand Grand Prize for 13 consecutive years. With nationwide awareness of 48.5% and a brand value of KRW 392.9 billion, it is attracting attention as the first agricultural product brand in Korea.

Buyeo County Governor Park Jeong-hyun stated, “It is a great honor for Goodtrae Mall to have been honored with the National Service Award for two consecutive years thanks to the great interest and love from consumers” adding, “Going forward, Buyeo County’s joint brand ‘Goodtrae’ will be promoted at home and abroad through ‘Goodtrae Mall. We hope to meet consumer expectations through strict quality control and improved reliability to establish ourselves as a power brand”.

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