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The 20th anniversary of Goodtrae (굿뜨래): the first year to become a Global Brand
The 20th anniversary of Goodtrae (굿뜨래): the first year to become a Global Brand
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Buyeo-gun (부여군) together celebrated Goodtrae with its 20th anniversary!

Buyeo-gun (Governor Park Jung-hyeon) gave a speech, stating, ‘Good luck to be together for 100 years! Under the slogan ‘2024, the first year of a luxury global brand!’. This Good Trae 20th Anniversary Vision Declaration and Seminar was held to celebrate Goodtrae’s birth, growth, and future vision.

Organizations that visited the ceremony took commemorative photos by finding each business's brand logo designed on the photo wall provided at the entrance and admired children's works from all over the country.

A business CEO said, “Attending this festival-like event made me feel a great sense of pride that we, the producers of Goodtrae agricultural products were being recognized.”

Park Jung-hyun, Mayor of Buyeo-gun expressed, “The reason why Goodtrae, a joint agricultural product brand developed to strengthen the competitiveness of agricultural products produced in Buyeo-gun, where clean nature and young traditional history coexist, and to stabilize farm income, was able to establish its identity over the past 20 years is because of the Buyeo-gun people’s appreciation for Goodtrae, and because of the unwavering affection and dedication of consumers. Looking ahead to the next 100 years, Goodtrae is doing its best to establish itself as a global brand by strengthening credibility to give it to luxury agricultural products that have passed strengthened screening standards”.

Meanwhile, Goodtrae is drawing attention as it is seeking to increase farm income through strategic promotion and marketing and is raising the status of Buyeo-gun through strategic promotion and marketing under the brand power of winning the Korea National Brand Award for 13 consecutive years.


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