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For infinite Wonderful PHOTO Life: The All-Industry Visual Image Event will debut in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on August 7-9
For infinite Wonderful PHOTO Life: The All-Industry Visual Image Event will debut in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on August 7-9
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SHANGHAI, July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Hosted by the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai and the Shanghai Photographers Association and organized by the Shanghai International Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd., the "Photo & Imaging Shanghai 2024" will be held from August 7-9 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition covers nearly 80,000 square meters, with the theme "Explore Innovation of Vision Image Future." The N Hall exhibition will attract over 400 exhibitors and brands from China, Japan, Korea, the United States, Switzerland, and other countries and regions. It aims to provide a business and cultural exchange platform for photography and imaging studios, professional photographers, image creators, and photography enthusiasts, showcasing photographic and video equipment and multi-scene shooting solutions.

Revamped in 2024, Linking Industries, Integrating Image Culture

Having cultivated the industry for 25 years, we continue to innovate. In 2024, we will upgrade to the " Vision & Image Industry Shanghai." This year's exhibition will feature four major theme exhibitions: the " Photo & Imaging Shanghai 2024," the "Video Equipment & Technology Show 2024" co-organized by the Shanghai Television Artists Association, the "Shanghai International Photo Printing & Art Framing Expo 2024" and the "Maternity & Children's Portrait Photography Fair 2024" organized by the Shanghai International Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd., and the " China Wedding Expo 2024" co-hosted by the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai and the China Portrait Photography Society. This integrated event will gather global imaging industry elites to showcase new technologies, products, and services, linking industries and integrating culture to empower new consumer scenarios and collectively promote high-quality development.

Global All-Industry Brands Gather in Shanghai, Highlighting the Vibrant Chinese Market

In 2024, global imaging brands will again gather in Shanghai with high-profile participation. Renowned manufacturers such as Fujifilm, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Sigma, and Panasonic LUMIX will exhibit, with exhibition areas reaching new heights. They will showcase a full range of imaging products, with several new products debuting offline for consumer experiences, highlighting their continued focus and commitment to the important Chinese market.

Chinese imaging and video accessory brands have enhanced their global market influence through continuous technological innovation and robust production and supply chain capabilities. This exhibition will feature high-quality domestic brands such as Godox, Jinbei, Nanlite, Lexar, Zhiyun, SmallRig, Qihe, Moma, Yongnuo, Viltrox, Neewer, Kingjoy, Lishuai, Hohem, Triopo, Hobolite, Pgytech, Aputure, NiceFoto, Meike, SHIMBOL, Eirmai, VSGO, Meking, VISICO, Sanxing, Accsoon, MedaLight, Shenghui, U2, ORICO, and more, further promoting the development and prosperity of China's imaging industry.

Brands in image post-production and printing equipment such as Epson, DNP, Fantac, Canon Large Format, Imacolor, Guangming, Sai xin, Uni-colour, Imetto, layflat, Yonghe, Wangjun, Xinchangcheng, Zhenmei, Shanwen, Inlove, Lucky, Intco, Wangbin, Lusheng, Dawang Jiahe, Piya Image, Yishu Dongli, Yipin Impression, and others will gather to drive green, integrated high-quality development in the image post-production industry.

AIGC Empowers New Image Value, Innovates Business Services, Leads Quality Life

The application of AIGC technology in photo and video editing is booming, providing more possibilities and conveniences for photographers and enthusiasts with image enhancement, post-processing, smart cropping and composition, portrait beautification and editing, photo search, and smart album management. This year's exhibition attracts representative brands in AI intelligent post-production such as Pixcake, Meitu, Aixtsy, and Cuxin. Baidu Netdisk, with its photasy, will also make its debut, sparking a wave of imaging technology.

Innovative photography service brands and companies such as Naïve blue, Easyfast, Photowind, Mansu Sample, Grey Tone, Zone 13 Master Portrait, Craftsman Selection, and Marie Queen will participate, illustrating the pursuit of refined life aesthetics by post-90s and post-00s consumers. Whether it's portraits, ID photos, maternity photos, or family portraits, they all lead the way in quality living, deeply favored by young people.

This exhibition will gather global top visual imaging equipment technology companies, making cutting-edge photography equipment, advanced digital imaging technology, and innovative video shooting and post-production equipment the industry focus, once again creating a visual imaging industry event in August.

Linked Exhibitions and Art Galleries, 2024 Imaging Week (Shanghai) Series Activities Release Brilliance

To promote cultural exchanges in the Yangtze River Delta, provide a platform for showcasing new youth imaging talents, and explore the latest frontier creation directions, this year's exhibition will join hands with the Ximalaya Art Museum to host the "2024 Imaging Week•Shanghai—Deep Connection: Yangtze River Delta Youth Photography Invitational Exhibition." This aims to foster new youth image development, explore the latest frontier creation directions, and connect outstanding youth works from the Yangtze River Delta, hoping to resonate between individuals and the collective.

In this era of rapidly developing digital imaging, we cannot help but look back to explore the cameras that once captured moments and recorded history. This exhibition will feature a "2024 Imaging Week•Shanghai--Camera History and Culture Theme Exhibition" in Hall N1, taking you through the tunnel of time to experience the origin and development of photography, showcasing the unique charm of cameras from different periods and regions.

Diverse Activities Promote the Development of Image Art, Campus Culture, and Creativity

The charm of image art is ubiquitous. We are honored to announce the 2024 Fujifilm "Giving our world more smiles" themed photography competition. This competition is open to the public, and we eagerly anticipate every photography enthusiast capturing those warm and sincere smiles with their lenses.

To deeply record and showcase the unique charm of campus culture, we have specially planned the "Cute Children's Heart•Graduation Season" campus photography submission activity. In addition, to further stimulate young people's creativity and imagination, we will hold the "Be Your Own Director" campus video creation competition, encouraging more young people to pick up cameras and become creators and disseminators of image art.

Moreover, "Image Industry Salon Lectures," providing a platform for companies to exchange and share ideas. This exhibition will present a variety of activities aimed at promoting industry exchange and spreading image culture.

See you at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 7-9, 2024!

If the image event that has gone through 25 years has grown into a "super show" in the photography industry, it is supported by China's enormous "super market" with a scale of hundreds of billions. In recent years, China has maintained its position as the leading global imaging consumption market, fostering the world's most photography enthusiasts and the most active short-image technology + cultural application innovation ecosystem. The thriving product chain and efficient coordination have led the industry into an era of universal image creation and sharing.

The pre-registration channel for the Vision & Image Shanghai is now open. Click the link to register immediately: We sincerely invite imaging industry buyers and enthusiasts to gather at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

We look forward to your participation, " For infinite Wonderful PHOTO Life "!

Exhibition Information:
Vision & Image Shanghai 2024 
Photo & Imaging Shanghai 2024
China Wedding Expo 2024
Bridal Showroom Shanghai 2024

Date: August 7-9, 2024
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (N1-N5 Hall)
Address: 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area (Entrance Hall 2)
Transportation: Subway Line 7 Huamu Road Station


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