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Catchy Korea (TV Program)
Catchy Korea (TV Program)
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Camping alone becomes popular with the rise of single-person households and social distancing trends

Due to social distancing and the increasing number of single-person households, more people have begun to enjoy camping alone. Moreover, campers are choosing suburb locations that have relatively lower risk of close contact with other people. As more people want to spend their own time away from home without interacting with others, there is a popular demand for one person camping gears, such as tents, chairs, cookware, etc. We explore the pleasures of camping alone, where you can have your own healing time in a quiet and comfortable place.

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ARTSY streaming

 Meeting toy art! Bear Brick exhibition

It has become an era where artists communicate with the public in open, everyday spaces that are not confined within a square frame or white cubic space. ‘Toys’ in the form of an artwork created by artists, the concept of ‘art toys’ have recently become known as the new cultural trend. Among them, Im Jibin’s Bear Brick exhibition, [Im Jibin NOW · HERE in HONGDAE] was held. The exhibition, which consists of three sections, illustrates the portrait of modern people who suffer from their daily doldrums. We introduce the cute and snuggly bear bricks that convey a warm message of consolation and cheer to the exhausted society.

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STORY and meet

# Scenic Artist Yoo Jae-heon behind the stages of BTS and PSY

The man behind creating the fantastic stages for K-pop stars such as BTS and PSY, is Yoo Jae-heon, a scenic artist. He has also participated in large-scale national events, such as the Olympics and Asian Games, as well as the exhibition in remembrance of the 40th Anniversary of the May 18th Gwangju Democratization Movement.We meet the scenic artist YooJae-heon, the man with a Mid as touch who is always creating new, unimaginable spaces!

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