Nonsan Sunshine Land, the center of the Korean wave, has been spotlighted as a filming location.
Nonsan Sunshine Land, the center of the Korean wave, has been spotlighted as a filming location.
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The King-Lord of Eternity

Nonsan Sunshine Land, which has become a hot place in Nonsan in name and reality, has recently emerged as the backdrop for several broadcast works loved by the public, drawing keen attention once again.

In the final episode of SBS' Friday-Saturday drama "The King-Lord of Eternity," which ended on the 12th, the last scene where the male lead (Lee Min-Ho) and female lead (Kim Go-Eun) confirmed their love was filmed at the Romantic Studio in Sunshine Land.

"The King-Lord of Eternity" is a work by Korean Wave writer Kim Eun-Sook, and even before airing, the leading actors such as Lee Min-Ho and Kim Go-Eun have raised a huge issue, and Sunshine Land, the last filming location of the drama, is also expected to have a significant promotional effect.

Back to the Gyeongseong

Also, the popular entertainment show tvN Adventure Variety "Back to the Gyeongseong" (director Jung Jong-Yeon), which aired in its second episode on May 31 and June 7, boasted the highest scale ever selected by the cast, which was also filmed against the backdrop of Sunshine Land.

The episode of "Back to the Gyeongseong" features an episode of a time machine that travels to Gyeongseong in Gimi to carry out a mission to help the independent youth community, and Sunshine Land, which was filmed at that time, added vitality with an elaborate set that well embodies the times' backgrounds.

The music video for "Your Name" among the songs on the album by famous singer-songwriter Heize also recently finished filming at Nonsan Sunshine Land.

The city expects Sunshine Land to become the center of the Korean Wave, attracting domestic and foreign tourists, and emerging as the center of the Korean Wave.

On the other hand, Sunshine Land, which was created using the unique brand image of "training center" that only Nonsan can have, has been spotlighted as a hot place for everyone, as it consists of a romantic studio that recreates Nonsan's barracks culture, such as screen shooting and Vivian shooting, as well as a major filming location for the drama "Mr. Sunshine" in the 1950s. Seoul.

In particular, it is the first case in Korea to attract 8.7 billion won in private capital investment from broadcasting companies and production companies after constant requests and persuasion by Nonsan City. At the same time, it is envied by other local governments by reducing the burden of project costs and creating semi-permanent sets, and inquiries are pouring into exemplary projects.

"The key to the tourism industry is not to produce a short-term effect in a narrow-scale manner, but to pursue sustainable policies," said Hwang Myung-sun, mayor of Nonsan. "We will continue to develop new but familiar tourism contents that utilize Nonsan's abundant resources and create an imaginary Nonsan that can always be fun and exciting to visit no matter who, where, or when."


Source : Nonsan City Hall Future Project