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Beautiful islands and harbors, tourist city Yeosu(여수)
Beautiful islands and harbors, tourist city Yeosu(여수)
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Contact Tours in the Age of Contactless

Power bloggers was invited to Yeosu City for a FAM tour of Yeosu.

I participated in the Yeosu tour because the words of Norwegian Ambassador Solberg, who interviewed in May, were impressive. " When asked about the most impressive tourist attractions in Korea, he said he liked the 'isles of Yeosu'


Yeosu is an island city.

Yeosu has 49 inhabited islands, 316 uninhabited islands, including four connected islands on land, and a total of 365 islands.

Yeosu is the last stop of South Korea's southernmost railway station, the Jeolla Line.

The Yeosu trip begins at the end of the railway.

Isn't it romantic?

Power bloggers, influencers, and reporters who participated in the tour were different from ordinary people.

When they see food, they don't watch and eat.

They took pictures, arranged them, and ate them.

They also took pictures of tourist attractions without a break.

These influential people have their followers, from thousands to tens of thousands.

Yeosu hosted the World Expo in 2012.

Yeosu is a port with a long history, but it was reborn modernly through the Expo.

The buildings and equipment used in the expo are still being used.

There was a teddy bear museum inside the Yeosu Expo.


Yeosu is a marine city with a sea.

Aqua Planet is visited by many children, their parents, and lovers.

Wearing a mask and looking at sea creatures from far away, they marvel and are moved.

However, we should consider changing the way people and sea life meet from artificial to ecologically friendly.

AR and VR tourism, which uses high-tech technologies, is not only a method of the contactless era but also gives peace between humans and ecology.

What citizens and cities need is the creation of this concept, which is difficult to live in the Corona Virus era

Yeosu's night is romantic.

The cart bar is a street cafe in Korea.

Yeosu City gathered carts to create a street.

In the cart bar, we drink stories.

You can see the Hamel lighthouse from the street of the cart bar.

The port where Hamel, a Dutch sailor, was detained after coming to Joseon and left for his hometown was Yeosu.

I stayed at the Ocean Hotel with a view of the sea.

There was a view of the sea in the room on the 14th floor.

The rain stopped and the day was bright.


Yeosu does not have only the sea.

There is a luge theme park for children, families, and lovers to enjoy.

Norwegian Ambassador Sulbeg and I have seen the best scenery on the coast of Yeosu and the island of Yeosu. Island. It's an island.

We passed through Jovaldo Observatory Park, Dunbyeong Bridge, and Palyeongdaegyo Bridge.


One of the islands of Yeosu, in the Nangdo,

There is a makgeolli(막걸리) bar that is over 100 years old.

With more than 100 years of makgeolli production, the island is constantly being told by celebrities and media.


What about the island? It lives on a story.

Greek islands are immortal in Greek mythology.

That's why we want to go to Rhodes Island and go to Santorini.


(Power bloggers, infectors, reporters on the tour)

You can enjoy marine sports at Yeosu Beach.

The screams of ladies who burst out enjoying the parasailing and extreme boats are pleasant.

Yeosu began to harmonize old with new.

Cyro, which was rubbing cement in the industrial era, turned into a wonderful observatory with the world's largest pipe organ

We finished our two-day tour.

It was as if I had been possessed by something in my dream.

Yeosu tourism is not at its peak, but there is ample possibility.

Once the corona is cleared, it will compete with nearby marine tourism cities within three hours of air distance. Yeosu will have healthy competition with cities like Fukuoka, Shimonoseki, Moji in japan and Tianjin, Qingdao, Xiamen in China.

Ecological and creative urban creation is necessary to exercise leadership among the world's marine tourism cities.