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Da Lat Travel, Viet Nam- TUI MO TO Coffee House
Da Lat Travel, Viet Nam- TUI MO TO Coffee House
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It takes around 6km from the city center. To reach Tui mo to, you need to get through the small alley which is difficult for passing by large size motorbike or car. Therefore, I recommend you should consider which kind of transport using

Walking through the entrance, you will be impressed by the garden, flooded with white daisies. You can choose seat at the table with swings under the tree to overlook Liang Biang temple or Hon Bo peak.

In addition, the coffee shop also has the table inside a glass house designed as vegetable and flower garden often see in Dalat. Its old-fashioned interior creates the sense of comfort while enjoying sightseeing and coffee for guests. At night, when the light up it will create the romantic atmosphere which is the best destination for couples, however, the road is quiet dark so you shouldn’t stay too late if living far from there.

Especially, the coffee shop is located at the same point with guest house, therefore, Tui Mo To has regulation that should not speak loudly for avoiding disturb the guests.   

By Walkinto Korea Team