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Daedeok-gu (대덕구, 대전), the nation's first Fair and Ecotourism Support Center to open
Daedeok-gu (대덕구, 대전), the nation's first Fair and Ecotourism Support Center to open
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Established with expect to promote fair and ecotourism regional-based


Park Jung-Hyun (head of the district office, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon ) announced on the 26th that it held the opening ceremony of the "Daedeok-gu Fair and Ecotourism Support Center," which will be set up for the first time in the country to systematically promote fair and ecological tourism development projects.

"There have been continuous opinions that organizations with expertise are needed to foster sustainable fair and ecological tourism and establish a platform for a public-private partnership system. We recently revised the ordinance to reflect this systematically and administratively, and opened a support center." the official said.


In addition, Park Geun-soo, a professor of leisure and service management at Baejae University and leading Korea's fair and ecological tourism expert, appointed  as the honorary head of the center to establish governance for fostering fair and ecological tourism, strengthen external cooperation among related agencies, and establish a close communication system among local communities (tourism businesses, academia, local residents, etc.).

"To commemorate the opening of the support center, we planned a performance that fills Daedeok-gu's map of Daedeok-gu with excellent tourism resources," said Park Geun-soo, head of the center. "Like Performance, we will showcase a representative model of eco-tourism that directly benefits local people by utilizing local tourism resources."

In addition, Daedeok-gu was selected as the first tourist dure project site by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Daejeon in April, which is expected to have a synergy effect in line with the support center (used as a love room for tourism). The tourism Dure Project is a project to discover communities based on the region and consult with tourism companies to support  startingtheir own businesses and even to promote tourism companies that already  succeeded in establish their own businesses.


Meanwhile, Park Jung-Hyun, the Mayor of Daedeok-gu District, said that "One year ago, the local government first enacted an ordinance on fair and ecological tourism and opened a support center today for the first time in the country after collecting opinions from various experts in the region. Thank you to everyone who congratulated the opening of the support center, and we will spare much attention and support in creating Daedeok-gu, a leading city for fair ecological tourism."

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