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Daejeon (대전광역시), the first Tram City in Korea
Daejeon (대전광역시), the first Tram City in Korea
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Daejeon City has introduced "Tram Promotion Video on Daejeon Metro Line 2" for solving citizens' curiosity about the building tram which considered as the nation's first  commercial route.

According to the Daejeon City Government on the 20th, the promotional video is designed to visualize three-dimensional images of what will happen to citizens' real lives due to the construction of the tram. Based on it they can feel the reality of Daejeon, which has been transformed into a tram city.

In particular, using a technique that gives citizens a sense of immersion through the form of questions, it presents key questions that citizens can listen to the video and allows them to sympathize with and feel the need for the tram through the process of finding answers to them.

Completion of consultation on adjustment of total project cost of Daejeon Tram, the elasticity of project implementation

According to the Daejeon Metropolitan Government on the 15th, the first total project cost of the Daejeon tram project was adjusted to 749.2 billion won and passed at a review committee on the adjustment of the total project cost recently held by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.

Tram Route Map


The Daejeon tram project will build 35 stations and one vehicle base on 36.6 kilometers of total extension, a route that circulates the main roads of Daejeon, Gyebaek-ro, Dongdaejeon-ro, Hanbat-daero, Daehak-ro, and Doan-daero, and if the design is ordered this year, it will start construction in 2022 after two years of basic and implementation design and is being carried out with the goal of construction by 2025.

Discuss the design of the first Daejeon tram in the country

"The Daejeon tram, which will be commercialized for the first time in Korea, will be designed to contain the identity of the city and make it a convenient design for citizens as well as transportation vulnerable people," said Sung Ki-Moon, head of the Tram City Metropolitan Division in Daejeon City. "We will provide a place for communication with citizens during design review process."


Daejeon City to Start Urban Regeneration Project Around Tram Line

Daejeon City announced on the 14th that it will establish a strategy to revitalize urban regeneration to regenerate tram stations and areas around the subway line 2.


Daejeon Mayor Heo Tae-jung
Daejeon Mayor Heo Tae-jung

Daejeon Mayor Heo Tae-jung said, "As the tram on the 2nd line of the urban railway is the city's biggest focus project that determines the future 100 years of Daejeon traffic, we will activate urban regeneration projects in the tram stations and areas around the route so that the tram can be used as a tourism resource, not just a means of transportation," and added, "We will establish an optimal urban regeneration strategy for Daejeon City to promote balanced development as well as vitalization."


Source : www.daejeon.go.kr