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Tourists begin to rush in quietly
Tourists begin to rush in quietly
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Recommendation of luxury tourist attractions customized for Healing & Safety Destinations (20 places with 5 themes)

Andong City (mayor Kwon Young-Se) recommended 20 tourist attractions by dividing them into five themes.

Since Corona-19 era, quiet and contactless tourist destinations become  ideal 

"Tailored luxury destination" was recommended under 5 theme: Healing (family), Love (lover), Health (health), Fun (play) and Feel (humanities).


Firstly, in Healing theme it recommended Cloud Resort, Keimyungsan Mountain and Andong Lake Natural Recreation Forest, Sweet Sand Park, and Gunja Village as a nature-friendly place where family tourists can relax while staying.

The second Love theme is Wolyeonggyo, where you can make stories, memories, and take beautiful photo. Especially, visitors should not miss the chance to visit Manheujeong and Gosanjeong, the filming locations of Mr. Sunshine, and Nakgang Waterway Park (also known as the secret forest), considered as a hot place for young lovers these days.


The third Health theme is the Seonbi pilgrimage trail, Hoban outing road, and Byeongsan/Hahoe Village road, where help your  body and mind become healthy and relaxed  by releasing the tired and  observering the tranquil lanscape 



The fourth Fun (play) destinations are Imha Lake Leisure Town, where visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports and Confucian Land (Nolpak) where children/ adults can enjoy a newly renovated music fountain

The last fifth Feel theme includes Imcheonggak, Yiyooksa Literary Museum, Kwon Jeong-Saeng Children's Literature Hall, Dosan Seowon and Socheon Music Hall, which are holy places of the Korean independence movement. Theses are stronger recommended for travelers who want to learn more about cultural affluence, relaxation, and the unique feeling of Andong instead of the spirit and disturbance in the historic city.

Andong-si is one of the most desirable places for Koreans to visit. In the Corona-19 era, it becomes the best tourist destination and be promoted  through media and social networking sites 

Andong is a night travel product, selected as one of the top 100 night tours by the Korea Tourism Organization, and plans to provide visitors with a variety of attractions and experiences through "Andong Moonlight Tour Dalgrak," which will be held in downtown areas and Wolyeonggyo Bridge from August to early August

Andong Mayor Kwon Young-Se said, "Those who need healing in Corona-19 should visit Andong where you can escape the crowds and safe with non-face-to-face luxury attractions recommended by Andong City." Then it will be a leisurely and deep journey to find yourself."