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7 Beautiful Natural Ecosystems in Daejeon City (대전)
7 Beautiful Natural Ecosystems in Daejeon City (대전)
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Based on citizens survey and expert opinions, Wolpyeong Park Gapcheon Wetland is chose as the excellent ecological

Daejeon City announced on 22nd that it has selected seven excellent areas which are considered as beautiful natural ecosystems.

Daejeon City received excellent recommendation areas from autonomous regions and conducted a survey of citizens last month, and on the afternoon of the 21st, it held a selection committee composed of ecological experts and the Daejeon Environmental Movement Union to select the final seven wetlands:

Wolpyeong Park Gapcheon Wetland

Heukseok-dong Norubal

Daecheong Lake Chudong Wetland

Gapcheon Toprip Dolbo

Sad Yeonga Shooting Site (Myeongsang Garden)

Samjeong Ecological Park

Leehyeon-dong Ecological Wetland.

Visting these places, citizens can relax and look around the natural environment outside the dense areas of the Corona Foot New Normal era

In particular, the selected places are near the city center visitors can easily travel around during the summer vacation season.

Im-Muk, director of the Environment and Green Area Bureau of Daejeon City, said, "We hope that 7 beautiful nature places will become the healing space for citizens who are tired of the corona to rest and experience the excellence of Daejeon's natural ecology. We will come up with measures to ensure the selected place can be represented as our city natural ecology."

However, there are voices of concern about the damage to the natural ecology due to the increase in the number of visitors, he said. "I ask citizens who visit here to pay attention to the preservation of the ecological environment and work together to ensure that the natural ecosystem is maintained wel“l added.

Meanwhile, in the second half of this year, Daejeon City plans to increase the natural ecological value of the future by securing biodiversity in the local ecosystem, including the restoration of the third Gamdol meat of Daejeon, the restoration of the Madalyeong Ecological Corridor linking the city's ecological axis, and the creation of an ecological resting space in Gaogunlin Park and Gubongsan Mountain.