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Culture minister: e-sports to be part of 'new Hallyu'
Culture minister: e-sports to be part of 'new Hallyu'
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Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Yang-woo on July 16 announces a policy to promote new Korean cultural content at Government Complex-Seoul. (Jeon Han)

The government seeks to make e-sports part of "new Hallyu (Korean Wave)" content through focused development. 

New strategies will be used to ramp up the competitiveness of consumer goods and service industries and induce the growth of relevant sectors by utilizing Hallyu's ripple effects on the economy.

Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun on July 16 chaired a meeting on the inspection and coordination of state affairs at Government Complex-Seoul and announced plans for promoting new forms of Hallyu.

As its three support strategies for promoting new Hallyu, the government listed diversification of Hallyu content, leading relevant industries through the Korean Wave and forming the foundation for the sustainable spread of Hallyu. 

To diversify content, the government will use the inaugural e-sports competition of Korea, China and Japan slated for November and the establishment of a permanent e-sport stadium as an opportunity to foster e-sports as global Hallyu content.

To boost the competitiveness of industries using Hallyu, interactive facilities will be built next year in the Seoul districts of Myeong-dong and Gangnam to promote the Korean beauty (K-beauty) sector. Through endorsements by Hallyu stars, the nation's agricultural goods and food will also be bolstered.

To stimulate Hallyu tourism, the large-scale K-Culture Festival will be held both offline and online. And to lay the cornerstone for the sustainable dissemination of Hallyu, the related consumer base will be expanded and cultural exchange will be used to spread a positive perception of Hallyu.

Non-Koreans will also get more opportunities to directly produce Korean cultural content through the Hallyu YouTube channel of Korea.net opened in May.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Yang-woo said, "Hallyu now stands at a crossroads and needs the wise government policy of supporting but not interfering."

"We hope that our people's cultural and artistic potential and creativity will be fully displayed on the world stage, and for a new history of a new Korean Wave to begin."

Source: www.korea.net