Korea Tourism Organization starts 'Contactless Marketing'
Korea Tourism Organization starts 'Contactless Marketing'
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Strengthen the use of power influencer... Non-summit 'Daniel' also joins the honorary press corps

Amid the growing importance of "CONTACTLESS," non-face-to-face marketing using LAN lines, as Corona 19 has blocked the attraction of foreign tourists, marketing by the Korea Tourism Organization (President Ahn Young-bae) targeting Europe to America, a distant market, is drawing attention.


On August 8 (Saturday), the corporation held a launching ceremony for ‘Hello Korea’, a group of social media reporters consisting of an influencer from Europe to America, at Mukho Port front Park in Donghae, Gangwon Province.


Hello Korea, which has been operating for the fourth time this year, has produced a total of 67 journalists so far, and this year 28 foreigners from 17 countries including the United States, Britain, Russia, Brazil, and Spain have been selected. Among them, power influencers such as Thais Genaro from Brazil, who has more than 250,000 YouTube subscribers, and Adrienne Hill from the U.S., who was appointed as an honorary correspondent for Korea's tourism by the New York branch of the corporation, are notable. Those selected for the strong non-face-to-face marketing development of the Corona 19 era will spread the attraction and image of Korean tourism around the world through their SNS and official channels of the press corps. Daniel Lindemann, a popular broadcaster, will be appointed as an honorary journalist to deliver a message of hope to overcome the Corona crisis together.


After the welcoming ceremony participated in the Province, at the first Donghae fam tour to conduct. The corporation will promote safety as a standard model case for safety tours, taking into consideration safety first, including thorough pre-prevention plans and compliance with on-site preventive measures such as transportation and group meal guidelines. It will also conduct activities to find content for safe travel during the Corona 19 era, including local contactless tourist attractions and night tourist attractions.


According to an online survey of 400 people in four countries in the U.S., Russia, Britain, and France conducted in June, the "positive national image of Korea" was 57.0 percent, up 3.2 percent year-on-year, and the "recognition of Korea as a tourist destination" also rose 0.6 percent.


"We are focusing on digital marketing targeting millennials who are likely to visit Korea first in the post-corona era and organizations interested in special topics," said Kim Jong-sook, head of the team at the corporation. "We are focusing our efforts on maintaining interest in Korea tourism as early recovery is more important than anything else after the end of Corona 19.“