THU, OCTOBER 01, 2020
The cutie ‘Puppy Reporter’ reports vivid information on trips to Korea!
The cutie ‘Puppy Reporter’ reports vivid information on trips to Korea!
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The Korea Tourism Organization (President Ahn Young-bae, hereinafter Corporation) is planning to tap into the Japanese market, where emotional marketing is active, with unusual video contents using pets.


With the setting of joining "Koko," a puppy reporter, to the SNS reporters' group "Cantabi Supporters," which is selected and operated by the corporation for Japanese residents in Korea every year, the corporation has produced five Vlog videos (topic: Now, Here, Seoul(ココソウル)) and teaser videos in the form of covering popular tourist attractions that Japanese tourists are highly interested in, and will be released sequentially through the Kantabi Supporters SNS channels on August 18.

In particular, the video focuses on allowing those interested in traveling to Korea to feel vicarious satisfaction and healing, especially in the situation where COVID-19 is soothing the regret of their trip with past travel photos and videos. Furthermore, it is expected to contribute to the creation of new demand in the Korean visiting market as a destination for pets


"In Japan, animal-related video contents such as dogs and cats are particularly effective in communicating," said Ha Sang-seok, head of the Japanese team at the corporation. Taking this into consideration, we planned the video to promote the attractiveness and safety of Korean tourism by utilizing the familiarity and favorability of pets," he said. "We will devise various promotional methods to help thirst for Korean travel lead to actual travel after overcoming the corona.“