The Korean War Veterans Environment Volunteer Group and the Daejeon Motion Picture Association signed the MOU
The Korean War Veterans Environment Volunteer Group and the Daejeon Motion Picture Association signed the MOU
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Daejeon City (Director Gil Sung-hwan) of the Korean War Veterans Environment Volunteer Group announced on the 27th that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Daejeon Metropolitan City Branch (Chairman Sung Nak-won) of the Korean Federation of Film Workers to discover and consult community projects, and to exchange information and human resources.


The agreement will provide services and carry out marketing activities so that the two organizations can develop, and will cooperate on matters necessary for discovering and consulting community projects, sharing and utilizing business data, exchanging information, consulting on human exchanges and pending issues, and maintaining developmental cooperative relations.


"It's a difficult time with COVID-19, but let's make efforts for the development of the community through an agreement," said Gil Sung-hwan, head of the group.

The Korea Veterans' Environmental Volunteer Corps was established in 2005 with the formal permission of the Minister of Environment (No. 281) and has contributed to the development of the environment in the country. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving hope and courage to needy neighbors, such as families of many wars dead, elderly people, boys and girls, and the disabled, as well as enlightenment and surveillance activities to prevent water pollution along with water love campaigns to save the nation's land and environment that have fought for the nation and the world.


The Daejeon Film Artists Association is a non-profit art organization established in 1973 and aims to promote mutual friendship and rights and interests of organizations and artists related to film, TV and other video media, and contribute to the development of the video culture industry in Daejeon through domestic and international exchanges of visual arts. To achieve its goals, it is carrying out support projects for filmmakers, projects to protect the rights and interests of its members, projects to improve the quality of filmmakers, projects to discover and foster new talents, statistics on academic research and collection of materials on film arts, rewards for film filmmakers, holding research presentations and courses for the promotion of the film, holding youth film festivals to support youth video creation activities, and other auxiliary projects to achieve its purpose.