THU, OCTOBER 01, 2020
7 places have been selected as the most beautiful attractions of Daejeon
7 places have been selected as the most beautiful attractions of Daejeon
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Daecheongho Obaengni(500-ri) Road, three rivers, natural wetland. Out of many beautiful natural places inside and outside of Daejeon, seven places have been selected as the most beautiful attractions.

In the Un-tact tourism era which has newly become popular due to COVID-19, enjoy taking a clean nature trip nearby.

Let us introduce the seven beautiful natural ecology attractions of Daejeon, which have been selected by specialists in ecology based on a survey answered by the citizens.


Gapcheon Wetland in Wolpyeong Park

(Gasuwon-dong, Seo-gu~Around Wonsinheung-dong, Yuseong-gu)

This place has gift of nature in which wetland, mountain and river are in harmony, and you may think of nature once again comparing the nature forest and the apartment complex through Gapcheon in between.


Norubeol in Heukseok-dong

(Around Heukseok-dong San 95-1, Seo-gu)

This is a wide field which is surrounded by Gapcheon coiling around the mountain, and it looks like Korea geographically when looked over from Gubongsan Mountain. The metasequoia colony and Mulhandari wetland which is a firefly habitat, are famous as well.


Chudong Wetland in Daecheongho Lake 

(Around Chu-dong 91, Dong-gu)

This is a place where the flame grass colony of lakeshore is famous for, and is also a habitat for migratory birds since a natural ecology is well preserved. The chrysanthemum festival is held here every fall.


Topripdeulbo in Gapcheon

(Gapcheon Topripdeulbo, Yusong-gu)

Migratory birds come and inhabit around Gapcheon Topripdeulbo every season, which means the place is being preserved as clean natural ecology. And there is a searching platform, so you can observe the migratory birds at all times


Shooting Site of The Sad Love Story

(Around Chu-dong 680, Dong-gu)

Walking through Hoban trail, there is an independent gorgeous tree which seems to be sit in the water. This is the famous place for a beautiful shooting site of the Sad Love Story.


Samjeong Ecological Park

(Samjeong-dong 83, Daedeok-gu)

This is a place which is an ecological park constructed with a nonprofit pollution sanitation facility and floating wetland around Samjeong-dong Ichon and Gangchon, and is the popular place for cafes and good restaurants nearby.


Leehyeon-dong Ecological Wetland 

(Around Leeheyon-dong, Daedeok-gu)

This is a place of the enormous flame grass wetland with various aquatic plants grown, and is well preserved ecology. Moreover, it is also a representative traveling course with ecology theme at Daecheongho Lake.


Source: Daejeon Metropolitan