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WalkintoKorea - a creative and leading tourism media channel in South Korea
WalkintoKorea - a creative and leading tourism media channel in South Korea
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WalkintoKorea is one of the top tourism communication channels, which professionally publishes English tourism news, with the aim of promoting Korea tourism and cultural content to the world, located at Daejeon, South Korea.

We mainly update travel news, interesting festivals and events about around Korea, and provide readers tour suggestions or travel tips. Our focus is to promote local tourism globally to attract more tourists as well as investors. WalkintoKorea is designed to market not only well-known cities but all regions through tourism.

WalkintoKorea is published by WalkintoCity, a tourism marketing consulting firm. WalkintoCity is composed of marketing experts from around the world, including Chairman Kang Dea-hoon.

CEO of WalkintoCity, Mr. Kang Dea-hoon

Their mission is to enable each city, town, and village to develop tourism sustainably by creating more job opportunities for local communities, improving the regional economy, and protecting the environment. Moreover, they also help organize project tours such as farm tours, bicycle tours, fair trading, etc for international friends to explore and understand villages' beauty and culture. 


Along with great passion and several years of experience, we desire to create optimized tourism advertising for local governments. Furthermore, we always try to broaden our network to connect with global sites by cooperating with DMOs (Destination Marketing/Management Organizations), PR Agencies, Tourism Associations, Travel Agencies, Travel Journals, and Creative Travelers.

WalkintoKorea is also a partner of PR Newswire, a global media company that reports and distributes international news in over 40 languages in 170 countries around the world, providing news not only in the tourism sector but also in science and industry.