WED, OCTOBER 21, 2020
Daejeon’s new brand slogan is “Daejeon is U” (대전 이즈 유)
Daejeon’s new brand slogan is “Daejeon is U” (대전 이즈 유)
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Daejeon City has confirmed “Daejeon is U” as a new brand slogan.

Daejeon City announced that the “Daejeon Metropolitan City Symbol Management Ordinance Amendment” was passed at the Plenary Meeting of the City Council on the 24th, and the official brand slogan of Daejeon was changed from “Its Daejeon” to “Daejeon is U”. It has been 16 years since the brand slogan has changed.

Daejeon City Hall (대전시청사)

'Daejeon is U', released by the city, contains Daejeon's urban identity and future values, and intuitively means 'Daejeon is you', meaning that the core values of Daejeon are in the citizens. It explained that “U” is not limited to people, but contains the meaning of infinite possibilities and imagination that encompasses objects, places, nature, and culture, which Daejeon has and currently has, and values that need to be pursued in the future.

​​​​​​​Daejeon City Mayor Huh Tae-jung​​​​​​​
Daejeon City Mayor Huh Tae-jung

In addition, the image "on" means "to switch on" and expresses friendliness by embodying a smile, and the letters use lowercase letters to express a bright and friendly city image.

The information desk on the first floor of the Daejeon City Hall 

The color of the slogan is based on the color of the symbolic mark of Daejeon City, blue symbolizes the image of a high-tech science city pursuing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and green symbolizes the image of an eco-friendly green city. The city plans to affix and promote the new slogan inside and outside public buildings, signs, symbolic sculptures and public relations stands.