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Seoul National University's Professor Hyeon Taeghwan nominated for Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Seoul National University's Professor Hyeon Taeghwan nominated for Nobel Prize in Chemistry
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Prof. Hyeon Taeg-hwan

Seoul National University's  Prof. Hyeon Taeg-hwan was named in the Nobel Prize nomination for Chemistry for collaborative research with foreign scholars on nanocrystalline technology, according to information on the main website. 

In the field of Biomedical, research by professor of biology Pamela J. Bjorkman at California University of Technology (USA) and Harvard professor Jack L. Strominger was nominated for the discovery of proteins that could be applied to drug and vaccine development.

Although there is no organization or individual that has been named in the list of nominees for this year's Peace Prize, the names that are in the spotlight can include the youth and environment campaigner Greta Thunberg and the World Health Organization (WHO) for their activities at the forefront of COVID-19 epidemic prevention.

The Nobel Prize will be officially announced on the homepage from October 5-12 (local time). The Nobel Prize for Literature will be announced on October 8, the Nobel Peace Prize on October 9, and the Nobel Prize for Economics on October 12. The Nobel Foundation assessed that the COVID-19 translation has caused a great crisis for mankind, but at the same time highlighted the importance of the scientific fields.

This year's Nobel Prize Ceremony will be held online due to the influence of COVID-19, in place of the annual December awards event. Winning individuals and organizations will be shown the scene of receiving the award in their home country via television. It was also the first time since 1944 that the Nobel Prize ceremony had to be canceled. However, the small-scale Nobel Peace Prize ceremony will be held separately in the city of Oslo (Norway).