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Foreigners Meeting King Sejong
Foreigners Meeting King Sejong
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- 19 foreign SNS reporters living in Korea, experiencing traditional rituals at the Royal Tomb of King Sejong -

On October 6, the Korea Tourism Organization (President Ahn Young-bae) held an event to experience Hangeul and Korean culture for a group of foreign SNS journalists with various local nationalities to mark the upcoming Hangul Day.

A total of 19 SNS reporters from France, Italy, and Spain participated in the event to experience the traditional ritual of the Gisin Festival, which was held at the Royal Tomb of King Sejong (Yeongneung) in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province. With the cooperation of the Jeonju Lee Clan's Yeongneung Bonghyang Association, they dressed up in traditional ritual clothes and conducted the experience as closely as possible. In addition, after the ritual, he had a chance to experience Korean culture, including tea ceremony and traditional pottery making, at the temple of Silluksa Temple, a thousand-year-old temple.

Melissa Cedeno of the Dominican Republic, who participated in the event, said, "On the occasion of Hangeul Day, I will never forget my experience of participating in the ceremony of King Sejong's ceremony respected by Koreans," adding, "I will deliver it vividly to my friends overseas through SNS.“

Meanwhile, the corporation planned the event as part of its development of a new winter course, taking advantage of the high interest in historical and cultural content in overseas regions, and plans to launch it as a pilot product of the "Hangul and King Sejong" brand after the end of Corona 19 through a professional travel agency, Pam Tour. Kim Jong-sook, the team leader of the corporation, said, "We are looking for ways to jointly promote Hangul with the Sejong Institute Foundation in the future to explore a new market for Korean visitors amid growing interest in Hangeul due to the expansion of the global Hallyu influence.“