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The 39th Online Geumsan(금산) Ginseng Festival kicks off on the 9th.
The 39th Online Geumsan(금산) Ginseng Festival kicks off on the 9th.
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Geumsan Insam TV, Ginseng Cultivation Experience, etc.
Photograph of last year's Geumsan Ginseng Festival

The 39th online Geumsan Insam Festival will kick off its 10-day run until Oct. 18 with an online opening show on Oct. 9.

The online opening show, which will be unveiled on Geumsan Insam TV's YouTube and TJB broadcasts, will be held with 100 online participants through a video app.
Cooking expert Lee Hye-Jung's special ginseng cooking corner and a celebratory performance by Mr. T and Mistrot Hong Ja will be presented by the four members of Mr.Trot (Kang Tae-Kwan, Kim Kyung-min, Lee Dae-won, Hwang Yoon-sung).
Earlier, at 10 a.m., the Gaesamje Festival, which has a commentary marking the start of the festival, will be held in Seonggok-RI, Nami-myeon.

The Gaesam Festival of Geumsan Insam Festival is a reproduction of the legend that Kang Che-sa got Geumsan Insam 1,500 years ago by praying at the Gwaneum Cave in Jinaksan Mountain to cure her mother's illness.

The Geumsan Insam Festival, which will be held online to prevent the spread of Corona 19, offers a variety of programs centered on the official website (

Various contents such as ginseng cooking method, Geumsan Healthy Dance, Ginseng Yakcho Market, Geumsan Tourist Spot, and Ginseng Festival, Geumsan Insam TV, which is full of videos based on Geumsan and ginseng, on-tect ginseng, and herbal experience at home, and challenge anyone at home have been prepared.

During the festival, "Now, 蔘shi 蔘bun," which will be held at the site, will show the stories of 10 towns and villages in real-time, featuring comedians Kim Tae-Kyun and comedian Oh Na-mi.

In particular, Kim Tae-Kyun, who is also an honorary ambassador for Geumsan, is expected to introduce Geumsan's diverse cultures and arts-based on his high understanding of Geumsan ginseng.


Photograph of last year's Geumsan Ginseng Festival
Photograph of last year's Geumsan Ginseng Festival

The ginseng harvesting experience is limited to 24 teams (six times in four teams) every day after receiving advance reservations through the official website for social distance.

The online market for easy ginseng purchase provides sales information on six Geumsan ginseng herbal markets, Samsam Market, where ginseng processing products can be purchased, and the Good Ginseng Direct Trading Exhibition, which will be promoted to help farmers affected by heavy rains in Geumsan County, will also be operated.

In the online Geumsan International Ginseng Trade Exhibition, the company will hold an online exhibition hall Samsam Market and video export consultation meeting to promote the excellence of Geumsan ginseng products and enhance its overseas export performance through non-face-to-face video consultation sessions to continue its status as an industrial culture and tourism festival.