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October's National Forest Luxury Forest 'Sokri Mountain Maltijae Forest(속리산 말티제)'
October's National Forest Luxury Forest 'Sokri Mountain Maltijae Forest(속리산 말티제)'
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- Enjoy the season of Manchu with its beautiful autumn leaves on every winding mountain road -
Photo by Korea Forest Service

□ The Korea Forest Service (Director Park Jong-ho) selected the Maltijae Forest on the Sokri Mountain Road in Jangjae-ri, Jangan-myeon, Boeun-gun, Chungbuk as the recommended national forest in October.

□ Maltijae (430m above sea level), the gateway to Sokrisan Mountain, is also called Maltigogae, a steep hill where the twelfth bend of the twelve winds mingle with the forest.

○ It is said that the name Maltigogae originated from the horseback riding by King Sejo of the Joseon Dynasty on his way to Sokrisan Mountain.

○ According to another theory, the origin of 'horse' is 'maru', which means 'high hill', and has become 'maltijae'.

□ Maltijae Forest is suitable for forest bathing as it is a combination of coniferous and broadleaved trees, and the nearby Sokrisan Natural Recreation Forest and Jangjae Reservoir are beautiful autumn leaves and beautiful autumn scenery.

○ The national Sokrisan Natural Recreation Forest, which opened in 2002, is perfect for a quiet rest of the body and mind that is tired of corona as it offers a quiet and more relaxed rest than any other recreational forest.


Photo by Korea Forest Service

○ Jangjae Reservoir located in the front of the recreational forest is as calm as a lake, and the beauty of the red foliage on the surface of the water is second to none.

□ The Korea Forest Service (Boeun National Forest Management Office) designated 1,000 hectares of national forests around Maltijae as 'Maltijae Economic Forest Development Complex' and is managing forests to use them as a source of high-quality wood in the future.

○ More than 82% of the forests are over 40 years old, and coniferous trees such as pine, flag, and deciduous pine trees are growing well, and oak trees such as oyster and oak trees are harmonized with the main species of live trees.

○ Forest management-based road Imdo (2.5 km) is opened, hiking trails (2.3 km) and walking paths (2 km) are installed, and forests are ecologically healthy, making them suitable for habitat for various creatures.

□ For detailed information on visits and experiences, contact the Boeun National Forest Management Office of the Korea Forest Service (-043-540-7071) or the National Sokri Mountain Natural Recreation Forest (☎043-543-6282).

□ According to the Forest Service's map of autumn foliage forecast this year, Sokri Mountain was analyzed to be at its peak around October 21 (±5), said Park Hyun-jae, director of the National Forest Management Division at the Korea Forest Service. "We recommend taking a rest in the quiet forest with beautiful autumn leaves during the autumn season.“