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Top 5 Best Chilling Campsites in South Korea
Top 5 Best Chilling Campsites in South Korea
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Under influences from the COVID-19 pandemic, camping has become an ideal choice for those who are craving traveling and relaxing. Especially in the current circumstance when people should maintain the proper social distancing, large and less crowded campsites will be better options. Here is a list of 5 campsites recommended by the Korea Tourism Organization. 

1. Meonguri Valley Camping Site - Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province

Meonguri Valley Camping Site in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province (Korea Tourism Organization)

An hour’s drive from central Seoul, Pocheon boasts high accessibility from the Seoul metropolitan area. Despite its proximity to the city, the Meonguri Valley Camping Site provides a tranquil environment for campers who are looking for a weekend getaway.

The facilities are spread across the forest, allowing campers some space from each other. With tall trees surrounding the decks, visitors are guaranteed some privacy.

Camping decks cost 40,000 won per night. 

2. Bambeol Auto Camping Site - Hongcheon, Gangwon Province

People enjoy auto camping at the Bambeol Auto Camping Site in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province. (Korea Tourism Organization)

At the Hongcheon Bambeol Auto Camping Site within the Mogok Bambeol Amusement Park, campers can enjoy riverside camping.

At the Hongcheon River, next to the campsite, campers can fish and even swim in the warmer seasons. The river, praised for its clean water, is home to numerous species of fish.

In the morning, fog rises and creates a mysterious ambiance in the area.

Use of the campsite, wide enough for 300 tents, is free of charge

3. Daecheong Lohas Camping Site - Daejeon

Just 30 minutes by car from downtown Daejeon, there is Lohas Camping, which shows a fantastic combination of lake and camping. This place is among the best in Korea not only in size but also in convenience facilities and experience programs. Camp sites with 40 auto camping sites, 5 caravans, and 5 glamping sites are built on a spacious site of 37,678 square meters per side. 

In particular, caravans and glamping have not only air-conditioning facilities, but also toilets and separate shower rooms. Customers who own a caravan can use the auto camping site for a fee of 37,000 won to 47,000 won. In summer, a swimming pool is operated, so many families who plan children's water fun and camping visit. In addition, cafes and restaurants with the atmospheric atmosphere are scattered along Daecheong Lake, which goes to and from the campsite, so it is good to enjoy a trip with the atmosphere.

4. Goraebul Campsite - Yeongdeok, North Gyeongsang Province

Goraebul Campsite (Korea Tourism Organization)

The Goraebul Campsite is a place where campers can enjoy seeing both the ocean and the forest.

Camping areas are separated into the auto camping zone and the forest camping zone. There are 25 caravans for four to six guests each. Animal-shaped caravans are especially popular.

Caravans cost 70,000 won to 120,000 won. Camp decks cost 30,000 won per night.

5. Jakcheonjeong Moonlight Campsite - Ulsan 

Jakcheonjeong Moonlight Campsite (Korea Tourism Organization)

The Jakcheonjeong Moonlight Campsite opened in February. Its 47 camp decks are spread across a valley. The campsite consists of two zones, one for campers seeking a peaceful stay and the other for crowded gatherings.

Nearby, there is the Ulsan Yeongnam Alps International Climbing Center. Visitors can experience rock climbing there. Also, the Taehwagang National Garden, a wilderness sanctuary, is nearby too adequate for those who would like to enjoy a walk in nature.