THU, 12 03, 2020
"Baby Shark Dance" became the most viewed video on Youtube
"Baby Shark Dance" became the most viewed video on Youtube
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The video "Baby Shark Dance" of the educational brand Pinkfong belonging to Korean educational content company SmartStudy has become the most viewed MV on Youtube channel.

As of 1:20 pm on November 2 (KST), the video "Baby Shark Dance" has reached over 7.037 billion views on Youtube. Accordingly, this video surpassed the MV of the song "Despacito" by American male singer Luis Fonsi, who held the number one position on Youtube since August 2017, to become the first children's song to have a number of views most on the Youtube channel.

This is a video in which children sing and dance to the chorus of "Shark Family" in English. After being posted on Youtube in June 2016, the song instantly became super hot with its addictive chorus, and easy-to-learn dance moves for kids. 

The song "Baby Shark" also ranked 32nd on Billboard's "Hot 100" chart (USA), and 6th on the UK Official chart, becoming famous all over the world.

SmartStudy CEO Kim Min-seok expressed his gratitude to all viewers for Pinkfong's "Baby Shark" brand. In the coming time, the company will develop more diverse intellectual properties to bring joy to fans around the globe.