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Best 3 Hangang (한강) Parks for Night Time Photos
Best 3 Hangang (한강) Parks for Night Time Photos
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If you’ve spent any time in Seoul, you will have seen the Hangang River, and likely spent time at one of the 11 Hangang Parks. The parks are great places for relaxation and leisure, but they also make for outstanding photo backgrounds, especially when the sun sets! For the best pictures, head to the spots below!

Banpo Hangang Park

Banpo Hangang Park is known to be one of the more beautiful sections along the Hangang River. It’s the venue of the ever-popular Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, as well as Some Sevit . For photos focused on a person, strike a natural pose before the backdrop of the Banpo Bridge. For landscape shots, head to the central plaza and take a photo of Namsan Seoul Tower and the city lights twinkling above the Hangang River.

Best time to visit: Summer ~20:00 / Winter ~19:00

Ttukseom Hangang Park

For photos with vibrant colors, head to Ttukseom Hangang Park! The vividly contrasting red and green lights of Cheongdam Bridge reflect on the dark waters. A musical fountain operates during the summer season, adding an element of refreshing coolness to the bright colors.

Best time to visit: Summer ~20:00 / Winter ~19:00

Mangwon Hangang Park

Mangwon Hangang Park is great for sunset photos. Being located on the western side of the city, the view of the setting sun is unobstructed. Before heading out, you’ll need to check the estimated sunset time and the weather forecast. It’s best to visit on clear or slightly cloudy days, and you should prepare to arrive one or two hours in advance. Coming early means you’ll have more chance of grabbing a spot right on the riverbank!

Best time to visit: Sunset (Summer ~18:00 / Winter ~17:00)

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