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Happy PEPERO Day!! - A special holiday for Korean youth
Happy PEPERO Day!! - A special holiday for Korean youth
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On Valentine's Day, couples give each other chocolates to show their sweet love. Then in Korea, on Pepero day, not only couples who are in love but all young people will exchange Pepero pieces with meaningful wishes.

November 11 every year is chosen as a Pepero holiday in Korea. On this day, Korean shops are flooded with a chocolate-covered cake shaped like a stick, resembling image number 1. This cake is called Pepero. Pepero Day is seen as a cross between Valentine's Day and Easter.

The origins of the Pepero Day holidays

The origin story says that two female middle school students exchanged Pepero back in 1983, hoping that by eating it, they would become tall and thin. After the story found it into the mainstream media, the story spread across the country, urging other students to share their Pepero in the hopes of losing a few pounds and gaining a few inches in height.

On the Eleventh Day, on the Eleventh Hour – The myth of eating Pepero in order to become thin is a very specific set of instructions. In order for the supposed myth to work, one must eat a Pepero on November 11th at 11:11 AM or PM on the eleventh second precisely.

Types and flavours of Pepero 

They’re very versatile and fun and come in an increasing number of different flavours and styles. Every year there seems to be new Pepero coming out that offers different tastes, shapes, and sizes to the original tall, thin Pepero.

Some of the various flavours of Pepero are Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Tea, White Chocolate Cookie, Tiramisu Cheese, Blueberry Yogurt, Mint Choco, Yakult Yogurt, Peanut Butter, etc. 

Also, there are different styles of Pepero such as

  • Original – Chocolate coated biscuit
  • Nude – Chocolate in the center with a biscuit coating on the outside
  • Double “Dip – Two coatings instead of one
  • Super-Sized – Giant Pepero that are much taller and thicker than the original

Five weird Pepero facts

1. Pepero Day is reportedly the most profitable day for convenience stores all year.

2. Up to 30 percent of all annual Pepero sales occur within a week of Pepero Day, according to Consumer Report Korea.

3. The plain Pepero has fewer calories than the almond-flavored one.

4. The entire length of all Pepero sticks ever sold can circle the circumference of the Earth, 250 times.

5. According to a dating agency, seven out of 10 people "do not think exchanging Peperos are necessary."