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Foreigners also use Daejeon local currency 'Ontong Daejeon'(온통대전).
Foreigners also use Daejeon local currency 'Ontong Daejeon'(온통대전).
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Consumers benefit from cashback.
Small business owners help boost the economy in Daejeon by increasing sales.

□ The Daejeon Metropolitan Government has launched the Daejeon local currency 'Ontong Daejeon' (hereinafter referred to as 'Ontong Daejeon') to prevent the outflow of local funds and to support the early recovery of small business owners through consumption promotion and to strengthen the co-prosperity of local communities.

ᄋ Ontong Dajeon is a combination of On, which means 'all, everything' in Korean, Tong, which means 'communication and common use', and Daejeon, which means a large sum of money.

ᄋ The focus was also on strengthening the function of the community through the expansion of social consideration and compassion so that it would be a local currency and a medium of communication for all citizens of Daejeon.

ᄋ When using the Plus discount store, users can receive a 5% discount or more plus up to 10% cashback duplication.

(Cashback may change later)



□ Anyone who is 14 years old or older can apply for all competitions regardless of their address, download the "Ontong Daejeon app" on their smartphones, or visit Hana Bank's branch to apply.

ᄋ Ontong Daejeon is a card-type local currency that can only be used in Daejeon and can be used in all small business establishments in Daejeon where credit card terminals are located.

ᄋ However, use is restricted at department stores, large discount stores, semi-large stores, franchise stores that have headquarters in other regions, gambling establishments, and online payments.


□ Ontong Daejeon is easier to use and has greater benefits than other local currencies.

ᄋ Ontong Daejeon has been able to make simple mobile payments linked to Samsung Pay and LG Pay, eliminating inconvenience in possessing real cards, and in the case of all-Daejeon, it is possible to pay transportation fees in public transportation (bus, subway) and taxis.

ᄋ However, cashback is not provided for public transportation because it uses the post-paid transportation function.

ᄋ Daedeok Eroum cardholders can also use it in all parts of Daejeon, and the benefits of Daedeok Eroum are the same as Daejeon, so you can use Daedeok Eroum card as it is.

ᄋ However, only one card between Daejeon and Daedeok Eroum can be issued to prevent double support of benefits to individuals.


Daejeon will host the next UCLG World Congress in 2022